Satureja montana herb


Satureja montana flowers


Culinary uses:-

It is used as a herb in cooking .
Medicinal properties:-

Winter savory  have antiseptic, aromatic, carminative, and digestive benefits.

It has also been used as an expectorant and in the treatment of stings.

External uses:-

The essential oil forms an ingredient in lotions for the scalp in cases of incipient baldness.

An ointment made from the plant is used externally to relieve arthritic joints.

Internal uses:-

It is also used as a remedy for colic and a cure for flatulence, whilst it is also used to treat gastro-enteritis, cystitis, nausea, diarrhoea, bronchial congestion, sore throat and menstrual disorders.

Satureja montana flowers


Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Plantae
(unranked):     Angiosperms
(unranked):     Eudicots
(unranked):     Asterids
Order:     Lamiales
Family:     Lamiaceae
Genus:     Satureja
Species:     S. montana
Binomial name
Satureja montana