Tagetes lucida flowers


Tagetes lucida flowers


Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Plantae
(unranked):     Angiosperms
(unranked):     Eudicots
(unranked):     Asterids
Order:     Asterales
Family:     Asteraceae
Genus:     Tagetes
Species:     T. lucida
Binomial name
Tagetes lucida

It is used as a medicinal plant and as a culinary herb.

Common names:-  Yerbaniz, Mexican marigold, Mexican mint marigold, Mexican tarragon, Spanish tarragon, Sweet Mace and Texas tarragon.

Tagetes lucida flowers



Fresh or dried leaves are used as a tarragon substitute for flavoring soups, sauces etc.

A pleasant anise-flavored tea is brewed using the dried leaves and flowering tops.

A yellow dye can be obtained from the flowers.

The dried plant is burnt as an incense and to repel insects.

Chop the fresh leaves and use them to season chicken and tossed green salads, or brew them into a sweet, anise-flavored tea.