Gugul flower


Commiphora wightii flowers


Commiphora wightii flower


Ayurvedic Uses :-

Guggul decreases cholesterol synthesis in the liver. However, several studies have been published that indicate no overall reduction in total cholesterol occurs using various dosages of guggulsterone, and levels of “bad cholesterol” increased in many people.

Commiphora wightii flowers


Ayurvedic Uses :-

Guggul produces a resinous sap known as gum guggul. The extract of this gum, called gugulipid, guggulipid or guglipid.

The extract has been used in UNANI & Ayurvedic medicine, a traditional UNANI medicine, for nearly 3,000 years in India.

Some of the uses in the traditional medicinehave been for reducing obesity, as well as in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and sciatica.

Commiphora wightii fruits


Scientific classification

Kingdom:             Plantae

(unranked):        Angiosperms

(unranked):        Eudicots

(unranked):        Rosids

Order:   Sapindales

Family:  Burseraceae

Genus: Commiphora

Species:               C. wightii

Binomial name : Commiphora wightii

Ayurvedic uses :-

Guggul has been a key component in ancient Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine.