Lagerstroemia indica flowers


Scientific classification

Kingdom:             Plantae

(unranked):        Angiosperms

(unranked):        Eudicots

(unranked):        Rosids

Order:   Myrtales

Family:  Lythraceae

Genus: Lagerstroemia

Species:               L. indica

Binomial name

Lagerstroemia indica

Cyperus papyrus nile grass



Nile grass plant

448px-Kew.gardens.papyrus.plant.arp Botanical name:- Cyperus papyrus.

Cyperus papyrus is a species of aquatic flowering plant belonging to the sedge family Cyperaceae. It is a tender herbaceous perennial, native to Africa, and forms tall stands of reed-like swamp vegetation in shallow water.

Cyperus papyrus flowers


Common name:- Papyrus sedge, paper reed, Indian matting plant, Nile grass.

Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Plantae
(unranked):     Angiosperms
(unranked):     Monocots
(unranked):     Commelinids
Order:     Poales
Family:     Cyperaceae
Genus:     Cyperus
Species:     C. papyrus
Binomial name
Cyperus papyrus