Catopsis berteroniana


Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Plantae
(unranked):     Angiosperms
(unranked):     Monocots
(unranked):     Commelinids
Order:     Poales
Family:     Bromeliaceae
Genus:     Catopsis
Species:     C. berteroniana
Binomial name
Catopsis berteroniana


Trapping prey is the main mechanism for obtaining nutrients for Catopsis berteroniana. This species uses a passive trap, called a tank, to trap and digest the target. Because this species is insectivorous, the typical prey that get trapped are insects. The purpose of these traps is to obtain inorganic nutrients from the degradation of insects, most commonly nitrogen and phosphorus.

This species is an epiphyte, so most of the insects that get caught in the trap are winged insects. They are lured to the axil by a white powder that is located on the leaves. This powder reflects UV light, so the insect assumes there is open space ahead because the sun is the only natural source of this type of light.

The organism falls into the fluid filled axil where it cannot escape due to the slippery powder on the leaves. The fluid’s purpose is to drown the organisms because most can’t survive in the fluid